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A NEW concept for Repatriation providing a more responsive solution to Assistance Problems

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EMAS the Company

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The Company

East Midlands Aero-Medical Services (EMAS) LTD

EMAS is a consortium of individual established UK NAPAS Companies, with the appropriate expertise. Who have formed a specific Company to deal with all the physical, medical and escorting aspects, of world-wide Aero-Medical repatriation of the sick and injured, for and on behalf of all UK and European based (English Speaking) Assistance Companies

EMAS Forte'

Problem solving through pre-planning, management of the physical repatriation, coupled with mitigation or elimination of associated problems

EMAS Provides

One Stop Call, for Air and Land Transport, in the UK and Eire. With the sole aim, of providing Quality of Service, and value for money, for all clients.

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The Background

EMAS have surveyed the persistent problems encountered during the past two years, and have prepared a business system to eliminate or to at least mitigate those problems.

Many forward thinking Assistance Companies has in the past, had to rely on other established medical escorting providers? Many of whom have become entrenched in some considerable archaic protocols, and have charged in accordance, to achieve nothing more than a quick profit, in many cases without any prior consideration to the overall costs being paid for, by the individual or insurers concerned.

EMAS fully realise that they are entering into an already established market, but EMAS is equipped for radical change, in order to solve the many prevalent and persistent physical problems that today's Assistance Companies are encountering on a day by day basis. Our intent is to provide and establish EMAS as 'The Central Controlled, Multi resourced, future leader in Aero-Medical Repatriation"

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Scope and Objective

EMAS is a consortium Company established by experienced existing providers, who have come together in order to provide the required logistic resources and expertise, for providing a National and International, cost effective reasonable quality level of service, for the physical Aero-Medical repatriation elements.


EMAS objectives are to provide an alternative provision source for Air Ambulance Operations and Areo-Medical Escorting for patients through:

A consortium of Established Services, with the ability to provide the logistic resources

Aero-Medical Trained staff, including CAA Guidance, with National external accreditation through the Oxford, Cambridge, and Royal School of Arts (OCR).

Provision of three grades of Doctors and Nurses to suit the patient's condition, giving Assistance Company Chief Medical Officers a wider choice of escort abilities.

Equipment base's located to service the UK mainland main points of departure, with levels suitable to equip up to four Air Ambulances and numerous scheduled transfers.

Central Co-ordination and cost estimating centre, via one telephone call, followed by a full confirmation and journey plan.

Simple Single case fee, which includes all administration costs, and reasonable escort recovery costs from UK arrival locations.

Seven types of Private Air Ambulance, all charged at actual cost 0% commission added.

Flying points from Cambridge, London Luton, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Providing Future Links worldwide with other established Air Ambulance Services.


EMAS through its approved established network of providers Aim and intent is:

"To provide overall reasonable final costs, the aim is to work in partnership with existing and new assistance companies, in order to reduce the existing overall costs for such services, with a priority to maintain or to improve the quality of service at lower costs."

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EMAS is itself a Partnership of existing suppliers, who have been selected for their individual expertise, dedicated support to principles, and ability to work in Partnership with other outside Organisations.

EMAS provides specialised services to established markets, and all are adapted to working in close partnership with many existing providers of Assistance Services.

EMAS approach is that of specialisation and the recognition that overall Assistance is in itself a specialised function, which relies largely on the specialised expertise of Individual suppliers.

EMAS Specialisation is in providing a dedicated Aero-Medical Escorting Ambulance Service "The Care and treatment, prior to, and during the course of transportation by Air and Land Ambulances."

EMAS is an extension to the NAPAS Operation, dedicated to Air Ambulance Transportation, established to work in Partnership with NAPAS Services, and with Assistance Companies, in order to establish a recognisable quality standard of service, dedicated to the mutual patients needs.

EMAS Private Air Ambulance contracted suppliers have likewise been selected for their individual expertise, and ability to work in partnership with others.

EMAS have developed improved systems, in order to provide better services.

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EMAS Network

EMAS main operational bases are maintained at Peterborough - Nottingham - and Peebles. Staff can be dispatched day and night.

EMAS private Air Ambulance's are based at strategic points throughout the British Isles mainland: Cambridge - London Luton - Bristol - Manchester - Oxford - London City - Edinburgh and Dublin.

EMAS aircraft range includes Aircraft for shorter distances as well as for longer distances and include: Cessna 421 - Beechcraft Kingair - Lear 35 - Citation - and BAE 125 other aircraft can be brokered to suit needs and distance.

EMAS equipment includes Defibrillators, monitors, portable suction, nebulisor's, syringe pumps, pulse oximetrey, resuscitators, ventilators, in-flight portable oxygen, suitable equipped in-flight medical bags and resuscitation kits, drugs, and giving sets as required, Vacuum mattresses, Spenco's, Scoop Stretchers, Long Boards, traction splinting and many other Ambulance Aids.

EMAS have access to over 50 Specialised Doctors and over 100 State Registered Nurses, as well as In-flight Paramedics and Technicians. All have worldwide Public and Professional indemnity.

EMAS calls are handled and co-ordinated by experienced Ambulance Consultants, backed up with experienced Doctors and Nurses, for intricate Medical decisions.

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Contacting EMAS

From the UK FREE-PHONE 08000 - 929 - 112

From other places +0044 - (0) 1733 - 80407(Fax -Link)

E-mail emas@ambulanceservices.co.uk

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