Liability Insurance

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It is NAPAS Policy that all Registered Members must maintain a satisfactory Insurance Indemnity to a minimum of 1 Million in respect of the following; Public Liability - Product Liability - Treatment Liability and 10 Million Employers Liability.

NAPAS maintains a Master Policy to cover all aspects of the above, and has held this Policy since 1990, it is effected with Sun Alliance International and separate Insurance Certificates are issued to Participating members. The Policy is only available to Registered Member Services and premium rates reflect the high standards of services provided by NAPAS member services, and the premiums are therefore very competitive.

NAPAS Member services are not restricted to only taking cover through NAPAS central office; they may effect cover with any reputable Insurer, provided that it meets with Rule 4 of the NAPAS Code of Practice.

Vehicle Insurance including passenger Liabilities are placed with Reputable Insurers on an Individual basis.


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